Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Living the infinite JOURNEY in 2014

Last year was a year of letting go the past, of reaching and failing, of trying again and realizing I already had what I needed.

This year my word for the year is


Because I'm already moving and I want to keep going.

Because I don't want to change my life, I want to explore it.

Because I'm not resolving to do or to be anything other than who and what I already am. Only more so ... and more ... until I forget what it is like to TRY to be myself and simply AM by design.

My journey teaches me who I must be by exposing me to new situations and unveiling the responses already ingrained. It gathers experiences into my mind and collates and conjoins them in sometimes-inappropriate ways.

I'm not setting goals.

I'm finding them by traveling unexpected pathways and involving myself in unforeseen events, always with a personal intentionality to expand who I am within reality where it is uncovered most naturally in every day choices.

I aspire to be myself now, wherever I am, to bring my particular nexus of experience and ideas in exchange for connection with yours, theirs, hers, his,... OUR visions woven in possibilities and practicalities.

This journey is infinite, and so am I. (Finite and Infinite Games, by Carse ... Read it!)

So I will learn and change and grow every breath of every day so time will track the differences in quick moments flowing fast. There are no limits to what might be open to me if I open my eyes to see.

There is no end to this journey. If I think I've arrived, then I've fallen again.

I wonder who I will be next year? and the next? and the next?

I've found a path of discovery, and I've been traveling for a much longer time than I once understood. You are, too. You don't even need to try.

Just notice the changes as time pulls you through life, and when you see an opportunity to be yourself ... live it.


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