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Are You Struggling With How To Be Yourself? - The real you isn't that hard to find.
Your greatest weaknesses (which always seem to be easier to see, for some reason) are closely linked with your greatest strengths. You may not have found a way to use that talent in a positive way yet, but keep an eye on the possibilities. 
Choosing to be you won’t automatically turn you into a cruel monster, especially if you don’t want to cause harm. Do you really believe your only motive is to destroy? If you’re worried about it, then I would say you’re more likely to offer good to the world once you free yourself to be who you are. Everyone tends to resort to harsh tactics and self-protection if they feel caged, afraid, and tormented. Sometimes it feels like this is the only way to respond to the world, when you can’t see a way to escape.... [Read more at Your Life Better, or simply visit if you want to quit the grind to live your passion.]

Spiritual Abuse and Whitewashed Marriage  -
My education had been clear. No matter what, if you “fall into sin,” then marry the person you sleep with to make things a little better. I’m not sure anyone actually told me that, verbatim, but the shocked gossip about the failings of those who had graduated before instructed me in the choices ahead.
 It was easy to see there were problems in our relationship long before we got married. [Read more at No Longer Quivering - for The Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network]