Saturday, December 14, 2013

You cloak me like shadows and wear me for storm-clouds - a poem

Oh! I can’t see you.

re-gifted heart
I offer you broken pieces
still sharp-edged for pain
that love you lost
I found it
just missed you somehow
I would hold you closer
like chains and mystifying
lock-clear key
like earthquakes
tumbled church towers
echoes land-sliding to the sea
for nothing

I have ever paid.

you … you … you … you
what you seem
in this vapor-filled dream of
you’re everything and nothing at all
that I wanted and looked for
I shopped all the world with my jacket on
because it was cold in the plain
where the sun rises
dawn in the evening rain

Four words I knew.

I would see you
again and again
and again ...
and again
here in the ocean
the moon-pulling waves
to a tick-tock ... calling
like sand still receding
through the glass
my melting clear
on the verge of a notion
that you ...
you and I ...
that we ...

It’s nothing.

You cloak me like shadows
and wear me for storm-clouds
I wrangle with lightning
and blind you in daylight
till moments have passed
and the reasons are ...
to dust on far
desert tree-shattered pillars
you look so sky-fragile like jewels
in the distance
I seek you again
and again lava spews your face
from my eyes
and I cry mountain-meanings
of nothing from hollow
heart-shaped abyss
in the core of the circle
with no form
at the last


I see you again.