Sunday, October 6, 2013

Telling the story of spiritual abuse ... by joining the network

I longed to know I wasn't alone as I fought both my ex-husband and ex-church for the right to live free of abuse and oppression.

Why, then, did I find so few stories by those who understood what I was going through? I recently found a way to make the search easier for others by joining a blog network that exists to help people like me.

As the group grows, I feel hopeful that we can spread stories that will help many to fight through various forms of spiritual brain-washing toward a more balanced perspective on life. Together we multiply the opportunities to break free from oppression.

I haven't yet read the content on all the blogs, but the articles I have read so far were very helpful. I will be reading and responding to many more over the coming weeks.

To quote the "About" page: 

"Through cross-promotion and collaboration, the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network is a powerful way of supporting and promoting spiritual abuse survivors in our individual blogging efforts.  We are working together toward a shared goal of increasing awareness of this issue of spiritual abuse – the control, the confusion, the devastation, our struggles, our triumphs, our survival and recovery."

I'm not the only one with a story to tell. Here's to a future where such abuses are ended instead of supported.

(By the way, the illustration I designed for this post is available to be used by anyone who wishes to share or promote the network. Click through to their page.)