Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Please forgive my temporary anonymity.

The names you will find in these posts are fictitious, but the events and thoughts are my real life. I always appreciate people who honestly share the story from the center of the struggle, so I thought I'd share mine for others who feel this way.

These are my thoughts ...

I'm still too wounded to reveal my story where random (unfriendly) acquaintances may see it, but I strongly believe that our inner life is meant to be shared openly so we can build honest relationships and learn from each other.

I keep secrets for others, but choose not to create secrets myself. They tend to turn to poison. So ... eventually, I will connect my real life to this place. But for now only my best friends will know (therefore it isn't much of a secret) along with those of you who happen to pass this way.

You are welcome to talk about and link/share my story. I only ask that you treat me as a friend, even when we disagree. I have closed comments. This journey isn't about feedback, but transparency. However, if you really want to respond somehow, you can email me via the form, below.

Am I right?

Am I wrong?

That isn't the point.

I am only revealing where I stand ... as best I know ... for now. I change every day as I learn from my experiences, and who knows what will happen tomorrow.

This is my path to healing. Perhaps it will spark a similar journey for you.

I can't wait to discover what tomorrow holds!