Friday, April 11, 2014

Fear not ... Love

Knowing it right to think "one way"
some run from truth for fear of lies
and dread the question lurking in
the wisdom, bright before their eyes.

How can one ever find the truth
when contrasts leap from open space
and shadows twist? They shift and move
when light, in motion, calls the gaze.

What answers beckon from insight?
What love would counter inner fright?
What hope opens obstructed space?
What grace will cause the walk of faith?

What if the answer of the soul
is lose the path and find the goal?
What if the way, the truth, the life
is not external? Inner guide ...

The narrow way is not within
the claim of knowing what is true,
or gifts of wisdom, sacrifice.
It's simply love ... as lived through you.


If love casts out fear ... then how does an exclusive, reactionary, fear-filled life demonstrate love? In my experience, fear is the primary clog in the channel of ever-available love. It is only prevented by fear in my perception of God ... or fear in my perception of self and others.

Others will learn as they contrast love to fear, so fear not.
God isn't so easily overcome, so why do we fear he will fail?

Fear not.